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Those who make long pieces of material that are used to cover the outside walls of a building.
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a house with the words quality metal roofing - secure your home on it's front lawn
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Have peace of mind knowing that your quality metal roof is one of the most durable roofing solutions on the market! Watch this full video on our other social media platforms. #metalroofing #metalroof #residentialroofing #homeimprovement #homeprotection #newroof #roofing #metalroofingfacts #metalroofingspecialists
a large white house sitting on the side of a road
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Infrared and UV rays from the sun will heat your home and can damage a traditional asphalt shingle roof over time. Replacing your roof with the right materials and coatings is one of the best ways to cool down a house, and it can save you as much as 40% on annual energy costs if done right. #metalroofing #metalroof #homeimprovement #residentialroofing #homeowners #newroof #dreamhome
an aerial view of a house with mountains in the background
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Finding ways to increase your home's resale value is essential to owning a home! head to our other social media platforms to watch our latest video showing how investing in metal roofing can help you accomplish that! #homeowners #residentialroofing #metalroofing #metalroof #newroof #reroofing #homeimprovement #roofers #curbappeal #homevalue
the logo for vapro shield
The MRA is proud to introduce one of our valued members, VaproShield! If you are interested in becoming a member, contact the MRA today! #metalroofing #metalroof #metalroofingexperts #metalroofingspecialists #roofing #newroof #homeimprovement #construction #dreamhome
a house with palm trees in front of it and landscaping on the side walk way
Ask The Experts Forum
If you are interested in a metal roof for your home and have questions, simply click on the "Ask The Experts" tab on the MRA website to talk to an expert! #metalroofing #metalroof #homeowners #residentialroofing #newroof #homeimprovement
two men working on the roof of a building under blue skies with clouds in the background
Register Now: Metal Roofing from A (Aluminum) to Z (Zinc) Education Course
If you design, install, commission, maintain or repair metal roofing systems, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques to do your job correctly and avoid problems. Upon completing this course, you will be able to identify the best solutions to your metal roofing issues, whether you’re working on new construction, performing maintenance or re-roofing. #metalroofing #metalroof #newroof
a large house sitting on top of a lush green field next to a body of water
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Head over to our other social media platforms and watch our newest video on how you can tell when it's time for your new roof! #metalroofing #metalroof #roofing #newroof #roofingoptions #homeowner #residentialroofing #dreamhome #homeimprovement #metalroofingexperts #metalroofingfacts #metalroofingspecialists #homeconstruction
the logo for professionalism precision pride
NRCA is hitting the road with a hands-on ProCertification exam event. We are encouraging those who plan on attending METALCON Indianapolis to sign up and earn your pro certification! For those interested, the location of the exam is listed below! Location: METALCON | Oct. 12-13 | Indianapolis | Booth 101 | Metal Panel Roof Systems #metalroofing #metalroof #residentialroofing #homeimprovement #metalroofingexperts #metalroofingspecialists metalcon #newroof #metalroofingfacts
three men standing next to each other in front of a brown building wearing cowboy hats
Co-Inventor of GALVALUME® Makes Life-long Impression on Metal Construction Industry Colleagues
Fifty-six years ago, Angelo Borzillo was an employee of Bethlehem Steel, an American steelmaking company in Pennsylvania. Now 89, Borzillo was recently named to the Metal Construction Hall of Fame! Read the whole story on Borzillo by following the link below!
an aerial view of some houses and parking lot with the words new metal roof a wise decision for apartment owners association in hawaii
New Metal Roof a Wise Decision for Apartment Owners' Association in Hawaii
Hawaii’s climate presents some unique challenges. Check out the case study on the MRA website, and see why this association decided to go with a metal roofing option! 🏠🌴 #metalroofing #metalroof #homeowners #residentialroofing #metalroofingfacts #dreamhome #homeprotection #homeimprovement
the roof of a house with blue shingles and white trim on it, overlooking the ocean
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Head to our other social media platforms to see our video on helpful tips to keep your roof in tip-top shape going into the Fall and Winter seasons! #metalroofing #metalroof #roofingoptions #homeowners #homeimprovement #residentialroofing #newroof #metalroofingfacts
an advertisement for the metalcon indiana convention center, with information about its upcoming event
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
The MRA invites you to join us at MetalCon Indiana October 12th- 14th! #metalroofing #metalroof #roofing #homeowners #homeimprovement #dreamhome #metalroofingfacts #construction #residentialroofing #metalroofingexperts #metalroofingspecialists #newroof #roofingoptions
a large house surrounded by trees and rocks
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Today we are looking at the home of Banni Bunting in Bend Oregon! In one of our newest testimonial videos, Banni discusses the benefits she has seen from her metal roofing in the 16 years she has lived in it, and why she would recommend it to anyone! #metalroofing #metalroof #homeowners #homeimprovement #residentialroofing #newhome #metalroofingfacts #metalroofingbenefits #roofingoptions #metalroofingspecialists #homeprotection #metalroofingoptions
a large house with red tile roofing and two car garages on each side
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
(1)Choosing a high performance roofing material can add up to real dollars and cents. (2)The EPA estimates a cool-metal roof can lower roof temperatures by as much as 100 degrees F. (3)A quality metal roof can save you up to 40% on annual energy costs. (4)Making sure your insulation exceeds standards and you have proper eave and ridge ventilation will also save on energy costs all year long. (5)Insulation, ventilation & a quality metal roof - up your roof's efficiency and save $.
close up view of the top part of a metal object
Residential Metal Roofing | Consider metal for your new roof
Install the last roof you will ever need! See how a metal roofing option can bring a quality and professional look to your home! Go to the MRA website to see what next steps you can take towards your dream home!