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Chair Made From A Recycled Boeing 737 Engine By UK-Based Furniture Design Company Fallen Furniture4.jpg

Take a look at our line-up of incredible furniture made from salvaged military and civilian aircraft parts, staring with this slick 737 Cowling chair made from a Boeing 737 engine cowling.

Reclaimed Log Circle Light

Reclaimed Log Circle Light Not necessarily my taste but I love the ingenuity and natural concept

30 Examples of Tree Branch Decor - From Twiggy Timber Hangers to Bony Branch Illuminators (TOPLIST)

The Bio Mass pendant light by designer Jay Watson features ash wood branches, hollowed out with an LED light placed inside. Think you could DIY this one?- idea for my birch tubes.

Table Luminaire: Muhammad Moussa: Ceramic Table Lamp - Artful Home

Table Luminaire by Muhammad Moussa. This signature collection of luminaires is made with low fire white clay shade and a solid hard wood base (maple or similar). Light is sculpted and softened by the ceramic shade creating a melange of reflection, shadow


Mantle Or Desk Clock “Ancient Sea Form” A large Mantle or Desk Clock featuring a fossil ammonite at its center, carved from the South American wood Keolbra with radiating Walnut spines. The clock hangs on a round, Plexiglass back supported by a wo.