Hungarian female costume (circa 950 AD). The shirt is sewn Cordelet flax linen pendants are made ​​of bronze (originally made ​​of gold or silver). pants is Linen and silk thread combined. Caftan is The sheep wool (to Original sheep, goat or camel), the border is linen (sometimes silk). coat is made ​​of wool with a cross in on-canvas, linen lining and trim (sometimes silk). It is decorated with bronze discs (the original Gold and Silver)

Francia hölgy gyönyörű alkotásai - Katt a képre a többihez

10 century hungarian from Nikita Bolbikov

Dear forum members,  The topic was touched upon earlier in one of the threads and Hjernespiser was kind enough to ad a very relevant argument about the reconstruction of the clothing of ancient

Sassanian (Sogdian ) silk riding coat with confronted deer, century

Kizil cave donor figures, Tarim Basin

Kizil cave donor figures, Tarim Basin