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a circular rug with an ornate design in blue and gold colors on a white background
Water Jet Medallions 4 Floors & Medallions 4 Walls or Ceilings.
an area rug with many different designs on it
#Do it yourself #Gartendekoration #Innenausstattung #Dekorationsideen #Wohndekoration ... #Moroccantiles
an artistic tile design in grey and white colors with a star on the center, surrounded by smaller tiles
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a white plate topped with lots of different colored pieces of mosaic glass on top of a black surface
Terra Mail
a circular design made out of gold and red marble with an intricate pattern on the center
First impressions are everything.
European Medallion Collection - Creative Edge Master Shop
a square tile with an intricate design on it's center, and two smaller squares in the middle
Slate Mosaic Medallion – Mosaic
Slate Mosaic Medallion
a mosaic tile wall hanging on the side of a wooden framed piece with a circular design
Medallion Senese
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a decorative plate with an intricate design on the front and back sides is shown in gold, black, and white colors
Round Stone Floor Medallions - - Floor Medallions on Sale. Tile, Mosaic, & Stone Inlays.
MARSEILLE, 48" Stone Floor Medallion - - Floor Medallions on Sale. Tile, Mosaic, & Stone Inlays.
a red and white mosaic tile design with swirls in the center, on a dark red background
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