Nnenne Nweze

Nnenne Nweze

Ungarn / Med student learning how to endure and keep running the race despite the odds and obstacles. The joy of the Lord will forever be my strength.
Nnenne Nweze
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courage. compassion. grace. fortitude.

I spent some time reading about Abraham’s almost-sacrifice of Isaac, his only son. He’s completely ready to do what God asks, despite his worries and fears. Abraham won’t even withhold the.

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cattedrali: Meditation on Luke this morning. “& which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?

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"When we remember that prayer is asking, it stops us from running ahead of God while telling Him what we want to do.

Hebrew Shabbat & Shema Primer Flash Cards Writing Practice

I'm doing this to teach my children simple prayers thru play for spiritual learning time outside of normal educational play!