Andrea Maldrik

Andrea Maldrik

Andrea Maldrik
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe

Rich and fudgy brownies with a layer of peanut butter, chocolate ganache, and topped with peanut butter cups. These brownies are for peanut butter lover&

Welcome to Talitas Kitchen: Know Your Pistachio            This is Absolutely Beautiful - with recipe

Chocolate and pistachio cakes. Flourless dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse and pistachio mousseline. Covered with chocolate glaze and decorated with chocolate spheres, leaves of edible gold, and gold specks.

moomindeco: “ Metro Budapest ”

Tilework In Saint Gellért Square (Budapest Metro), Budapest, Hungary Szent Gellért tér is a station of Line 4 beneath the eponymous sq.

Learn to make tulips last year round! Super easy. I love it!

Spring tulips in wire basket. Great idea - plant in the fall and keep in a dry cool spot over winter watering a couple times a month - and spring comes and put them out on your front porch to greet guests!