Amália Polyánkáné

Amália Polyánkáné

Amália Polyánkáné
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Lavender Fields by Banon - Provence | France

Lavender Fields by Banon - Provence

Wow! Trying To See From Under The Feathers

A chicken fact for you Jeff. Caption: Chickens with white earlobes (like this one) lay white or lightly tinted eggs, and chickens with red earlobes most commonly lay brown eggs. There are exceptions, of course, but this is the general rule.

Sweet baby silkie chicken @Christie Moffatt Moffatt elkins.

Silkie Chicken, yet another pet I want

Hollandaises Huppées

(Hollandaises Huppées = Dutch crested) It's a crested fowl, but what kind? Maybe "Polish black crested white" chics?