Moonshine Honey Project (re-branding)

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a jar of honey sitting on top of a table
Halo Honey Co. brand and packaging design by Robynn Gardner
three jars of jams with labels on them and the words,'something is different than
Josephine's Spice
two jars of yogurt and blueberries on a table
Honey packaging
three jars of boozy jam with the words boozy jam above them on a pink background
Oh, Honey! | Brand Identity & Jar Design
a jar of cacaculate and protein on an orange background
Good Moots Peanut Butter Is Inspired By The Peanut's Understated Gird Pattern
a jar of orange marmalade on a white background
Which orange marmalade has the best bitter kick?
Marks and Spencer Dark Seville Orange Marmaladeghkuk
Best Honey Label Design Honey Label, Chip Packaging, Honey Shop, Tea Packaging Design
Best Honey Label Design
three jars of peanut butter sitting on top of a metal shelf next to a yellow wall
Beetrip Honey Makes You Take A 180