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an airplane flying over the top of a sailboat with eight parts labeled on it
How to Install Lazy Jacks | Cruising World
Is your main difficult to tame? Consider installing lazy jacks on your boat to handle your main with ease.
the parts of a sailboat
Sailboat Rigging: Part 2 - Standing Rigging
The highly tensioned stays and shrouds that support the mast are known collectively as standing rigging, whilst the rope halyards, sheets and other control lines come under the heading of running rigging.
an image of a clock with different parts labeled in the diagram on it's side
wind and sail
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a diagram showing the parts of a boat that is in the water and on land
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a diagram showing the different types of wind and how they are used to describe them
Sailing Terms
nautical terms basic sailing - Google Search
a diagram showing how to use a glider
a diagram of a sailboat with parts labeled in the top and bottom half,
14 Ft Boat Trailer Plans
PolySail International