25 Pins
the clowns are painted in different colors and sizes, including red nose, green eyes, orange hair
an origami clown is hanging on the wall
a group of colorful hair clips sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Maskers maken en knutselen van karton en papier met kinderen oa voor carnaval - Mamaliefde.nl
Maskers maken; carnaval masker knutselen met kinderen van papier, kartonnen bordjes tot vilt en dierenmaskers. - Mamaliefde.nl
colorful paper fans hanging from the ceiling in a room with children's artwork on it
some paper clowns are hanging on the wall
a door decorated to look like a clown's face with colorful beads hanging from it
Tür Clown
a paper mask with feathers on it and a straw in front of polka dotes
two colorful paper clowns hanging on a wall with polka dotty walls behind them