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several pieces of paper that have been cut out to spell words and phrases on them
Immer die gleichen Wörter: Synonyme helfen Teil 3+4
Immer die gleichen Wörter: Synonyme helfen Teil 3+4 | grundschulteacher
several papers with different types of information on them sitting on a wooden table next to each other
Partnerlesen – Frau Spaßkanone
an image of german words and pictures for children to learn in the language book, der liel
the words in this worksheet are for children to learn how to wear clothes
Beispiele für Unterrichtsmaterialien
a group of cards with different types of people and words in them on a yellow surface
Frage und Antwort
a purple poster with words in german and english on the bottom right corner is an image of what do you think?
faul. dumm, laut … - Deutsch - Viel Spass
four different labels on a green surface with words written in them and one has an orange cat
Sätze bilden ....
a stack of white cups with different colored writing on the bottom and one has a traffic light
LearnOutLive German
a game board with words in the middle on a wooden surface, including one circle
Satzglieder für den DAZ-Unterricht
a child's hand pointing at a piece of paper with words written on it
two different types of writing paper on a table
Übungen Vergangenheit
four different types of words in german with pictures on them and the words below it