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an empty street at night with christmas lights on the trees
mcminnville area chamber of commerce
two pictures side by side one has a bed and the other has a green house
10 of the World’s Greatest Hotels Inspired by Literature
The Sylvia Beach Hotel, Nye Beach, Oregon - "The rooms are split up into Classics, Best Sellers, and Novels (Classics being the most expensive), and are all themed to specific authors — Collete, Mark Twain, Jane Austen, even JK Rowling and Dr. Seuss. Add that to the library wing, and you’re likely to get some reading done here." from Flavorwire
a small waterfall in the middle of a lush green forest with tall trees surrounding it
Silverfalls State Park, OR
Silverfalls State Park, Oregon.
Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique - Portland Gowns, Dresses, Vestidos De Fiesta Cortos, Vestidos De Fiesta, Vestidos De Novia, Dress, Robe, Robe Vintage, Robe De Mariage
Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique - Portland, Oregon
Xtabay Vintage Clothing Boutique - Portland
a large hotel building with cars parked in front
Downtown Bend
people are walking in front of the store called valley river, which is located on an empty street
Valley River Center, Eugene
an overhead view of a library filled with books
Smith Family Bookstore. Campus Eugene
an image of a beautiful house in the middle of a field with trees and bushes
Pfeiffer Winery, near Junction City, OR, is an intimate and refined wine tasting experience. The winery is 100 percent solar-operated.
people are standing around in front of a blue and white windmill
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Junction City Scandinavian Festival
a red chair sitting next to a lamp on top of a white wall with words written across it
Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Giveaways, & More!
a small wooden building with tables and chairs outside
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Portland, Oregon: Canteen, Kinfolk
a piece of glass sitting on top of a white table next to a black background
Oregon Sunstone - They say that Sunstone is an ideal stone to inspire hope, protection, and passion. Sunstone takes in the power of the sun and is said to bring the Suns light into your life, and therefore used to dispel the dark negative energy. It is thought to contain energies that help stimulate your personal power of attraction, making it a good stone for boosting ones self-confidence.