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Size: Large Symmetry: Trilateral symmetry Difficulty: Hard Formality: Social occasions only Recommended Collars: Spread collars, cutaway collars

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Size: Medium Symmetry: Diagonal symmetry Difficulty: Hard Formality: Business-casual or social Recommended Collars: Spread collars

‘How to Tie a Tie’ Part - Eldredge Tie Knot Other in the series : Four in Hand Knot // Half Windsor Knot // Full Windsor Knot // Nicky Knot // Bow Tie // Kelvin Knot // Oriental Knot // Pratt Knot // St.

Café Knot (How to tie a tie) - probably one of the most uncommon tying techniques. To highlight the natural folds and shadows of the knot we recommend solid ties, some pattern ties may work.

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