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a man with long black hair wearing a fur coat and chain around his neck is staring at the camera
Визуализация "Я и мои хищники"
two people standing next to each other holding swords
Seeing the Future - Chapter 2
two people in the water reaching for each other's hand with chains around their necks
Kingu&Nikkal | Кингу&Никкаль The Flower from Tiamat's fire | Цветок из огня Тиамат(ЦИОТ)
a painting of two people in the woods, one is kissing and the other is hugging
Thalia and Nelthir by x-Celebril-x on DeviantArt
a man and woman are touching each other
a woman with long black hair and horns on her head
Nelthir by x-Celebril-x
a man with long hair wearing a leather jacket