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the process for making a mask with feathers and beads is shown in several different ways
Make paper plate Mardi Gras masks!
three clown hats hanging from the side of a wall with streamers attached to them
three paper plates with faces and hats on them
some paper masks are hanging on the front door with horns and faces painted on them
Mohácsi busójárás álarcok ördög
four pictures of the same face with different hair styles and facial expressions are shown in three separate images
Busó álarc gyerekeknek | farsangi ötlet gyerekeknek - Játsszunk együtt!
Busó álarc gyerekeknek | farsangi ötlet gyerekeknek - Játsszunk együtt!
Rocking Paper Plate Witch Craft
Halloween is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about some fun Halloween activities for kids. This rocking paper plate witch craft is a great project to get them in the spirit of the coming season and is easy enough that they’ll be able to do it all on their own. Our latest witch craft is playful in design and with a little tap, children will have rocking “flying” witch! bringing fun and play to creative process.
two masks made to look like foxes
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An entry from Quite Continental
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Carnival Paper Plate Face Masks - The Creative Mom