The Hungarian Crown and coronation jewels

Regalia of Hungary c. from top, the Sword, the Holy Crown of Hungary, the Orb, the Sceptre).

Arpad, Chieftain of the Magyars 896 AD

Statue of Árpád at Ráckeve (Hungary) / Árpád (c. was the head of the confederation of the Hungarian tribes at the turn of the and centuries. He may have been either the sacred ruler or kende of the Hungarians, or their military leader or gyula.

King Mathias (1458-1490)younger son of John Hunyadi was elected to the Hungarian throne in 1458 after king Ulaszlo who had had Mathias' older brother beheaded (on trumped up charges for political reasons)died without an heir. Mátyás király (uralkodása: 1458–1490) Hunyadi János kisebbik fia, akit a Mátyás bátyját megölető, utód nélkül elhalt László király után a Hunyadi-párt meghívott a magyar trónra

Mátyás király (uralkodása: Hunyadi János kisebbik fia, akit a Mátyás…

Attila The Hun | Attila hun király

Y'en a qui se prennent pour Attila, ils feraient bien de se calmer, parce que…

Almos, first Grand Prince of the Magyars.

Almos Duke of Croatia Prince of Hungary - great grandfather

Statue  of Arpad,  Leader o f the Hungarians  .

Árpád vezér szobra Arpad, second grand prince of the Magyars .

Saint Stephen I  Apostolic King of Hungary

Saint Stephen the Great was the son of the Magyar chieftain Geza, Stephen succeeded him as leader in Already raised a Christian, in 996 he wed the daughter of Duke Henry II of Bavaria and devoted much of his reign to the promotion of the Christian faith.

II. István, Árpád-házi magyar király (uralkodása: 1116–1131 Kálmán fia)

II. István, Árpád-házi magyar király (uralkodása: 1116–1131 Kálmán fia)

Statue of King Stephen I of Hungary and Queen Giselle in Veszprém (Hungary)

Saint Giselle The Blessed , Queen Consort Of Hungary , 29 Th Great Grand Mother , B. 985 Nordqua Region of Passau Germany.

King Saint Ladislaus I of Hungary being crowned by angels. Image from the Chronicon Pictum of the 14th century.

Ladislaus I's coronation Képes Krónika (Chronicon Pictum) I. Magyar Helikon, Budapest, p 92 National Széchényi Library, Budapest

The statue of King Stephen and Queen Gizella

The statue of King Stephen and Queen Gizella

The Árpáds or Arpads was the ruling dynasty of the Principality of Hungary in the 9th and 10th centuries and of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1000 to 1301. The dynasty was named after Grand Prince Árpád who was the head of the Hungarian tribal federation during the conquest of the Carpathian Basin, c. 895. It is also referred to as the Turul dynasty.

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