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Merches Ancuta
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50 Books That Changed The World

Books That Changed The World: The 50 Most Influential Books in Human History by Andrew Taylor. - I'll take his word for it, working on my own list of 50 most influential books in my life

First there was a list of 20, then 30 and now 40. Even if they have all the books in common, thats some mighty life changing im gonna be doing.

hether it's figuring out how to get out of debt, learning how to be happier, or trying to find ways to get a job, reading just one of these books this year is guaranteed to change your life for good.

"Books to add to your must-read list." I've read 9 of these---It must be time to look for the others!

Books to add to your must-read list. I've read several of these and have to agree that they are absolutely unforgettable! Angela's Ashes is by-far my favorite and is autobiographical.