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Fashion, Grunge, Punk, Hart, Fotos, Cute, Style, Inspo, Fashion Design
- mudwerks: (via Polina Osipova | IAIN CLARIDGE)
Dior, Bijoux, Mascara, Face, Maquiagem, Maquillaje, Mask
Dior (makeup)
a man with metal spikes on his head
a man in a blue and white suit with silver paint on his face
Backstage at Louis Vuitton AW20
a man with skeleton parts on his face
DominicElvinDesign - Etsy 日本
Jewellery, Tech Jewelry, Punk Girls, Cybergoth, Jewelry Design, Jewelry
Wearable Bionic Art… Dominic Elvin
a man with headphones on his ears is wearing an orange and white bodysuit
Piercing, Science Fiction, Ghost In The Shell, Steam, Robot, Cyberpunk Art
Cyber Max
a man with a stethoscope attached to his neck and head is shown
a group of people with eye glasses and hats on their heads, all staring in different directions
three people standing in front of some type of machine with their faces painted like human heads
two people in yellow shirts and ties are standing next to each other with fake plants on their heads
a woman in an orange coat and black eyeliners with circles on her face
a woman with large binoculars on her head and ear phones in front of her face
a man and woman with goggles on their heads are standing next to each other
The Look Book — The Visual Dome | Ai Art, Photography
a woman with large round sunglasses on her face and two mannequins behind her
a man with an oxygen mask on his face and breathing apparatus attached to his mouth
Introducing Arca’s Tormenta
a man with blue paint on his face wearing a clear plastic raincoat and hood
a woman wearing a white dress under a plastic covering her head and shoulders, standing in front of a gray background
Rooney Mara for AnOther Magazine A/W17 by Tim Walker
a woman holding a bird in her hand under a glass dome with a bird on it
You Need To See Cate Blanchett's Incredible Spread For "W" Magazine