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Good tips and planting schedule Vegetable Gardening 101: A Humble Tutorial. The vegetable planting planner PDF is a great resource

Thy Hand Hath Provided: Vegetable Gardening A Humble Tutorial.A how-to for starting a vegetable garden. This is perfect for the beginning gardener;and interesting for the seasoned gardener!

Using a Car Radiator for Heating and Cooling a Greenhouse

To regulate the temperature in our GeoDome greenhouse, we used a Water Tank for passive temperature regulation and also an old car radiator for active heat exchange. To use a gas or electric heater can be costly. This used car radiator did the trick for u

So, perhaps you’d like a raised bed or two and have limited funds and space. I have good news–there is an economical way that keeps the plants very happy: straw bale raised beds! Straw bales can usually be found for about $8, and the additional costs would be water (if you’re on city water), something... Read More »

Gardening with straw bales is like container gardening, except the container is compostable and it's nutritious for the plants it cradles. It's also like raised-bed gardening, but without the wood, nails and hammering.