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a painting of a dog laying on the grass in front of a yellow house with water and boats in the background
'Island Farmhouse, 1969' Art Print - Fairfield Porter |
this is an image of a drawing of a church
The Charnel-House
The Charnel-House — The Italian futurist architect Antonio Sant'Elia’s...
an old black and white drawing of a cityscape with lots of tall buildings
Hugh Ferris
Hugh Ferris - Album on Imgur
a painting of people on a sailboat in the water near a building with a dome
50 years of Architecture. Superstudio 50
Superstudio, Salvataggi di centri storici italiani (Italia), Firenze, 1972. Photography © Toraldo di Francia.
an aerial view of a building with several floors and stairs, including a man standing in the center
Deus ex Architectura
Aldo Rossi- Centro Direzionale, Florence, 1977
an architectural drawing of the interior and exterior of a building with stairs, arches, and doorways
LAN wins renovation of Grand Palais exhibition hall in Paris
LAN wins renovation of Grand Palais exhibition hall in Paris
an image of a painting of a church in the night time with trees and buildings
ethel louise spowers | Tumblr
Ethel Louise Spowers ‘Collins Street’ 1926
a drawing of a building with a clock tower in the center and other buildings behind it
The Theatre of the World - Aldo Rossi 1979
Aldo Rossi sketch - one of my favorites
a painting of a man with a pipe in his mouth and wearing a top hat
731. Moriz Jung - Wiener Werkstatte postcard
a painting of two turkeys walking in the grass
The studio in Liboc: Walther Klemm & Carl Thiemann
Walther Klemm woodcut print