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There was a time I tried to give you up...  my co workers are happy I relapsed

Energy coffee physics Albert Einstein Einstein was a brilliant guy. What is coffee squared equal to anyways ?

Az elszakíthatatlan kötelék...

Az elszakíthatatlan kötelék...

Apple emoji                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

Apple emoji I have an apple I have a rainbow bag of emoji's! Lol apple must be going to a whole new levle in pride month.

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Albert Eisntein, y YA!!

This is an extremely effective and intricate typographic design. The artist must have spent a lot of time finding words and phrases that describe Einstein and spent even more time arranging the text. black and white (and shades of grey) and the same font

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Coffee is gasoline for humans and this is very true, below are some of the best Coffee Humor quotes, so you can have fun being coffee lover


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the late Steve Jobs

Vector Illustration of Steve Jobs by Seto Buje I like this piece because it uses the technique vectors as well as acolyte of many different colours to make the piece look much more abstract