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#wattpad #fanfiction Andrie Colestoe is a rising actress and model, when she and the famous actor, Tom Hiddleston, meet they are able to easily start a friendship. Tom sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind of romance and sweetness but he quickly realizes he'll have to fight harder than that to keep her around. And eve...

In case you're having a bad day. here's Tom Hiddleston blowing you a kiss.<---* Holy butter on a bagel, this makes my soul happy.

New York Feelings. The I NY logo was originally aimed to be a statement about the entire State, not just NYC. But I do love NY State. This is a nice version of it.

a year in the life by Celia Kaspar this is just so adorable, thank you to whoever made this for putting it out into the world!

This show is so light-hearted but also dramatic at times, I literally started watching because Jared Padelecki was in it. now I hate his character haha