These are THE BEST Dinner Rolls! I can't even count how many times I've made them. A family favorite for sure!

Amazing Dinner Rolls - I can't even count how many times I've made them. A family favorite for sure! These rolls are aaaaamazing. Oh my goodness I have never had homemade rolls that are this delicious.


Yummy Recipes: Braided Nutella Bread recipe (except I'd make it taste like a cinnamon roll.not a huge fan of nutella)

Воздушные кружевные булочки. | Кулинария | Постила


Ingredients - 350 g flour - 80 g softened butter - 2 egg yolks - 140 grams of warm milk - 3 tablespoons sugar - 1 vanilla sugar package - 10 grams of yeast - A little sweet milk for rolls top - powdered sugar

Thanksgiving Recipes <> ‘The table is set before me. Heavenly scents fill the air. Mama puts the cookies out. Oh, sneak one, if you dare. She's got the turkey basting. The pies are smelling sweet…’ ~Claytia Doran, ‘‘Thanksgiving Memories’

Thanksgiving Recipes <> From the turkey and gravy, stuffing and salads, to cranberry sauce and these cloverleaf dinner rolls.

Apple Honey Challah

Such a beautiful and yummy take on apple pie - (this is actually a challah recipe, apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah. I would love to try it with pie crust though!

Sticky Bun Breakfast Ring

I usually make monkey bread on Christmas Morning but think I'll try this recipe this year!Sticky bun breakfast ring using buttermilk biscuits.


Estonian Braided Cinnamon Bread Is A Beautiful Miracle add some icing and colored sugar to make a king cake.

Dresdener Stollen (german x'mas cake)

it was always said of him that he knew how to keep Christmas well. Dickens must have made the acquaintance of the other man in m.

Gőzgombóc recept (Germknödel)

Gőzgombóc recept (Germknödel)

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