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Teaching music and math in one lesson, this activity has students matching up music notes and their musical count worth on music measure. This allows students to learn the notes and math to fill the measure with the right about of counts.

FREE Printable: Music Math Cards.

FREE Printable: Music Math Cards - O For Tuna! Elementary Orff Schulwerk I could do so much with these!

color the quarter notes and reveal a picture.

Another pinner said: quarter note identification coloring picture: A fun extension idea for my PURPLE and ORANGE semester Let's Play Music students.

Note Value Chart - yet another way. Like!

When I was a girl, my music teacher used wooden blocks to illustrate this concept. I like the wall chart, too.

Music: Rhythm Chart FREE>>

Rhythm Chart: British Terminology A useful handout for your students to use as a reference for their rhythm work. It is particularly good to use in conjunction

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