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Nature Walk - (I saw, I heard) for younger kids to complete during walk. After walk all campers will share and counselor will jot down each campers nature walk senses.

All About Plants: Life Cycle

Plants: All About Plants- Math, Literacy, and More

Learning life cycles will help children understand their connection with their environment and interdependence within a community. (All About Plants)

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

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Free! Earth Day Color by Number....3 free printables! Fun for roll and color reinforcer.

Earth Day ~ Color by Number & Sight Word

Earth Day Color by free printables! Fun for roll and color reinforcer. Take turns coloring with a partner

Frog Life Cycle Video

God's Design for Science: Animals: Amphibian Metamorphosis: CB Frog Life Cycle Video - Vid to show the kids bery basic level

Life cycle of a frog

science: Tadpoles and Frogs Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Frog Life Cycle

butterfly life cycle

Observe and describe major stages in the life cycles of plants and animals, including beans and butterflies. Observe the life cycle of a butterfly.

Frog Life Cycle Freebie

This is a simple cut and paste that allows you to check your students understanding of the concept. If you love this make sure you check out my Life Cycle of a Frog Fun Unit! Graphics from teacher, Graphics from the Pond, and Made for Grade.

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly

This is an example of how living things grow and develop. The caterpillar goes into a cocoon then comes out and has turned into a butterfly. The caterpillar turns into something different than it was before and it is doing different functions.

Springs in Bloom Writing Activity

Hello Spring! {Spring Writing Activities and Craft}