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Are you in love with essential oils? I have created some Printable Essential Oil Recipe cards for you to use with your handmade gifts.

If you believe in the integrative health approach of using essential oils, you will like these Printable Essential Oil Recipe Cards. Some good recipes for chronic pain sufferers of a wide variety of conditions.


Aloha Lei Pua Melia Keanae by Sharon Mau

So glad I found this!! Bug Repellent, Itch Relief, Deodorant, Beat the Heat, Motion Sickness, Jet Lag, Foot Cooling, Tummy , Cellulite, Varicose & Spider Veins, Muscle Soother, and more -- 21 favorite essential oil roller bottle recipes for summer

Itch-Be-Gone essential oil recipe – relieves heat rash, bug bites, and more! 5 drops Lavender essential oil, 2 drops Frankincense and 3 drops Tea Tree oil. Mix with 2 ounces witch hazel in a spray bottle.

Essential Oils For Wrinkles | Health Clue. I LOVE coconut oil (solid, organic). I like to add lavender, chamomile (healing, relaxing) , sometimes teatree oil for cystic acne. If you put in on your skin while it is moist, it will absorb better. Same with liquid oils. Or add a touch of natural lotion.

Essential Oils For Wrinkles Skin Wrinkle Reducing Oil: 5 drops Sandalwood 5 drops Helichrysum 5 drops Geranium 5 drops Lavender 5 drops Frankincense 1 Tbsp. Sweet Almond or Apricot Kernel carrier oil

Varicose veins

Ashley Black invented an innovative massage tool called the FasciaBlaster, which reduces the appearance of cellulite and helps ease muscle pain.

DIY Everyday Facial Serum made from jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil and my favorite essential oils!

DIY Everyday Facial Serum made from jojoba oil, rosehip seed oil and my favorite essential oils! I subbed Helichrysum for Carrot Seed.

Better than plastic surgery. Dry brushing your face for improving lymphatic health and flow. Blog

Dry brushing your face: Face Brush How To. Use Lighter Strokes than Body Brushing. Because the facial skin is more delicate and thinner, especially under and around the eyes, you should proceed with a light touch. While we use firm strokes on our body for

1 ounce (or 2 Tablespoons) of Sweet Almond oil (other good carrier oils for…

Of all the homemade solutions and remedies that I have made over the years using essential oils, my very favorite has to be my anti-aging facial serum. I love that instead of blowing my money on expensive night creams full of chemicals, fragrance, and thi