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Everyday sexism - women are "bossy" while men are "strong". I was once a manager that had to "overcome (my) strong personality" in order to win over my team. Never once were my male counterparts asked to do the same.


Some Body Types of Men


Autostraddle: “Member” features photos of naked men, some trans, some not, to highlight the differences and similarities of all men’s bodies and dispel the notion of one particular “trans body.

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Zetans, or Greys from Zeta Reticuli; the Maitre - ugly insect-like warriors; the Annunaki - Reptilians, shape-shifting blood drinkers possibly were formerly known as the Egyptian gods; and the Nordics - Pleiadians, human like with blond hair blue eyes

Pillanatok - Médiaviagra

John, by Alice X. Zhang -- she has an entire collection of portraits of the main characters of Sherlock, from Mrs. Hudson to Mycroft to Molly.

Court Jones

Welcome to the website of Court Jones Caricature and Illustration. This online portfolio features the latest and greatest in caricatures, illustration, and studio art from San Diego-based artist, Court Jones.