Never really thought of it that way...

Forgive, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace. Inspirational quote in Rafiki The Wise meme.

WOW, what an awesome thought....well, guess I should have expected it from Deepak, right? Nice....I like it...I like it.

Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience – Deepak Chopra

Flow chart. So that's how it works.

Now I understand Politics! When top level people look down, they see only poop-heads; When the bottom level people look up, they see only assholes. You will Never see another Flow Chart that describes politics so clearly.


I love with all my heart and I will love for the rest of my life You are all that I want and more than anything I want to make you happy. I want to grow old with You

Negativ people

Negativ people

Pozitivnap - A pozitív Hírek oldala - 7 szokás amely segíthet, hogy az az ember legyél, aki mindig is lenni akartál

7 szokás amely segíthet, hogy az az ember legyél, aki mindig is lenni akartál


I’ve never known loneliness until the day you passed. Forever there will be an emptiness and hole in my heart that only you can fill


"If nobody hates you, you're doing something wrong. House MD quotes (I may hurt, but that not going to change the fact that it's true!

your present situation is not your final destination.

10 életet meghosszabbító érv az egészségedért - Reverde egészségkapszula – Immunerősítés, allergia, búzafűlé, búzacsíra

Doctors Dead In 30 Days Adding to mysterious deaths and disappearances of three American holistic anti-vaccine doctors in one state over the past two weeks plus three Mexican doctors and their two …


“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” - Qui-Gon to Anakin, Star Wars Episode I


No amount of makeup can cover up an ugly personality. Son, remember this when dating.