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white hama bead snowflake christmas decorations

DIY Hama or Perler Bead Ornaments. Top Photo: Heart Ornaments from Craft and Creativity here. Bottom Photo: Snowflake Ornaments from heodeza here (plus a link to snowflake templates). Perler Beads are.

A TON of things to do with oranges.

What To Do When Life Gives You {Lots Of} Oranges

great canning recipes - a few different ones I haven't seen before - like oranges.

Canning and Preserving

I have canned oranges. Don't do light syrup. Try heavy syrup, orange juice in place of water, or cut the out skin completely off. The pith (white part) can make the syrup bitter. Wasted several quarts because too bitter.

x3 Reindeer Felt Christmas Decorations £15.00 (seems like they'd be easy enough to make...)

Christmas DIY Ornaments For Your Christmas Tree Part 1 christmas ornaments christmas ornaments christmas crafts christmas ideas christmas diy crafts christmas ornament crafts christmas diy ideas

Flannel applique Christmas holiday pillow decor

20+ Repurposed / Upcycled Flannel Shirt DIY Craft Projects

Cooking With Mary and Friends: Caramel Apple Jam

This Caramel-Apple Jam is so easy to make and delicious served over pancakes & waffles, or topped on biscuits or scones. Tastes like Appl.