Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe: Story of an orphan who was the most famous women in Hollywood, you died to soon.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

Marilyn Monroe, from a photo set by Alfred Eisenstaedt “I never quite understood it, this being a sex symbol. I always thought symbols were those things you clash together! That’s the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a.

Marilyn Monroe celebrity actress marilyn monroe celebrities

most people remember this woman for her beauty and how she looked like in the first picture. I would just like to say how much I love the second one. A women's smile that comes from the heart is one of the most beautiful and attractive thing she can do

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, size 16 but was named the sexiest woman on earth. This is proof it doesn't matter what you look like, it's personality that counts. Everyone is beautiful in there own special way. So smile, keep laughing and live you life to the fullest.

Marilyn Monroe

Rare unseen proofs and out-takes from Marilyn Monroe’s most famous photoshoot (47 photos)

marilyn monroe photoshoot 4 Rare unseen proofs and out takes from Marilyn Monroes most famous photoshoot photos)

Marilyn Monroe

How fabulous is this picture! That beautiful smile! I know Marilyn was known for her pouts but it's lovely to see her grin.

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