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Andrea Tukacs
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Our High Lord of the Night Court, Death Incarnate and Night Triumph

pablob-: “Guys, I did it! I finally updated my Rhys drawing! After reading ACOWAR I can only feel love for this character, I hope you enjoy this vent-art I did in about… hours lol ”

Nesta and Elain

WIP of the Archeron sisters ( just Nesta and Elain still) Just finished ACOWAR and I couldn’t resist myself, apparently my escaner does not think the same, hence the low quality phone picture D: … but.

*Chaol imerges from the secret passageways wit Celeana in his arms* *struggles to breathe*

Chaol and Celaena: She’d hardly known where she was going while the gloriella tore through her; all she’d known was that she had to get to someplace safe. And somehow, she had wound up exactly where she knew she’d be safest