Anett Olaj-Rabóczky

Anett Olaj-Rabóczky

Anett Olaj-Rabóczky
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It's an unborn child, NOT JUST A CLUMP OF CELLS!!!

Ahhhh yes, "Save the Dophins!" (or the elephants) . but murder the unborn human child because they'll be an inconvenience . of course it's socially acceptable. Yup = I'd say that's a short-sighted, ignorant, and selfish choice of actions.


A blob of cells - Even though they are human looking, feel joy and pain, suck their thumbs, and are growing? Many people tend to ignore this science in favor of politics and convenience. "Pro-choice" = a great marketing tool but a horrible word.

Love this!

Every child that has Down syndrome, is a gift. When you are given a gift you accept it willingly. We NEED to do the same with these little ones. They did nothing to deserve to be killed. Save the life. Take the gift.

Let's share the news that support is immediately available for Mothers who find they are unexpectedly carrying a new child!  With our voice we can each protect precious women and children, by being brave and talking about this uncomfortable subject within our sphere of influence!

BOTH the Left (pro-choicers) and the Right (Anti-public assistance/anti-controceptives) are to blame for the heinous crime that is abortion aka MURDER!

What about her right, and her future daughters' rights?

A nine week old girl has a uterus and ovaries, and is already producing reproductive cells. She has a uterus, yet the "feminists" allow her no say in the matter. End Abortion

pro life. pro women We need to protect all human life, men, women, young, old, healthy, and sick alike!

Anything that destroys God's gift of motherhood destroys his most precious gift to women: the ability to love as a woman.

¿Por qué una bacteria puede ser considerada en Marte?... Y a un latido de corazón no no se le considera vida en la tierra.

Why would a bacteria be considered life on Mars and a heartbeat not considered life on earth is murder