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Serch and summer are such a love hearts ! Its funny beacuse today i turned in serch and when summer saw him she looked soo happy . When im not riding them they're inseparable - Zahara

Im Wind der Freiheit galoppiert dieses prachtvolle Pferd über das Feld. #APASSIONATA

I picked this photo for unity because each of the two elements (horse and field) look good together but could also be separate photos.

Handshake, Croatia

Wild horses sparring by Vedran Vidak Photography. (I think they mean Wild Horses Fist Bumping.) <------ That, sir, is called a brohoof.

Horse reflection - title White Ripples - by Kevin Forrister

beauty at its best. A Beautiful Lone Wild White Buckskin Mustang Peacefully Grazing on a Quiet Fall Day Near a Small Pool of Water.