I absolutely LOVE #15 #16! They remind me the most of my Sexy Cowboy and I love him very much. ♡

30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style

The sexiest country songs — get the Spotify playlist now! Wedding Reception music for the country couple

For a Boho themed shoot .Turquoise and silver jewelry. There are no Boho clothes, no Boho jewelry, no Gypsy hair.only Gypsy-at-Heart Bohemian Girls with Style and Moxie!

Baby I do want YOU in the worst way!!! Sitting here alone again & thinking how wonderful it would be if U were here!! To feel your body against mine..my hands on U..caressing U..to have U underneath me..my body pressed into U..smelling your intoxicating fragrance..kissing U all over!! I ache baby..I ache for YOU!! I So need to love YOU!!!!***

Farewell letter from

"I want you in the worst way. your taste, scent, and feel of your skin next to mine. I want it all tonight." And forever.

Now go somewhere you can be alone and imagine him saying this to you.

Sons of Anarchy quote "I promise to treat you as good as my leather and ride you as much as my Harley"

Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy - This pic is repinned for the artistic statement, and not because he's gorgeous!!!

Model Rafael Lazzini on a motorcycle Many people have mistaken him for Adam Levine.


Crystal Visions Baton Cuff – Cream Suede « Spell & the Gypsy Collective.

Only for him

fuckedsweetly: And a real women will very much enjoy being her man’s personal Pornstar!❤ I wanna be Daddy& personal porn star!

Charlie Hunnam - Sons of Anarchy

sons of anarchy jax teller - I'm a late bloomer in the SOA bandwagon but totally in love.and umm Jax "hello lover"

Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire. <3 Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LoveSexIntelligence

Chemistry is you touching my mind

chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire Then all you need is timing. the key ingredient.


TZ - Real Women Ride Men Who Ride Harleys Funny Womans Harley Davidson Tshirt. I want this shirt.


I'm the King of the World - Jack - Titanic. Bitch please - Jax - Sons of Anarchy

.... I know I'm having the right kind!! Crave him every day....

When people say "it's better than sex" they clearly aren't having the right kind of sex ~ truth!


Bury Myself in You – Christian Grey Quote .give this man a shovel.I want to be buried, & then a jasmine bubble bath.Ahhh to Grreydream.

Charlie Hunnam // Vogue December 2014

Charlie Hunnam OMG eyecandy male actor celeb beard bike wheels dog cute handsome steaming hot sexy skin powerful face intense eyes portrait photo b/w Sons of Anarchy Jax Teller