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If you love Shower Jelly like the kind you find at LUSH, you'll love this easy-to-make DIY Soap Jelly that is as fun to make as it is to bathe with! It's nice and cool for showering off in the summertime, and a fun way to get clean after playing in the mud and dirt. What kid wouldn't love their own jelly soap? | DIY Soap Jelly | Jelly Soap Homemade | How to Make LUSH Shower Jelly |

Cool off in summer baths with this refreshing soap jelly. It isn't edible, but it sure is fun to bathe with! Make your own and skip the Lush Shower Jelly!

Wish I had all of these.  Learn more at

Hand gesture candles by Atelier WM are a line of colorful (in attitude and appearance) candles cast from real hands with a burn time of approximately 3 hrs

Money Candle - How to Make it With Orange Shell

Money Candle - How to Make it With Orange Shell. Bring that prosperity you deserve right to your door with DIY money candle, ritual work, spell cast & coins