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Twin flame

The lovers of the Twin Flame Union dwell within each other and they exchange their DNA with each physical union. In their urgency to become one, they learn each others rhythms and vibrations and with the merging of their bodies and with the divine, their

11 Signs of TF Awakening - "1. Separation - changed into Oneness 2. Longing - changed into Attraction 3. Control - changed into Faith 4. Low Self Esteem - changed into Faith in Oneself 5. Blaming - changed into Embracing 6. Projecting - changed into Loving Oneself 7. Living in the past (victim) - changed into Grounded in the NOW 8. Lack - changed into Abundance 9. Pain - changed into Happiness 10. Fear - changed into Trust 11. Fear of sexual intimacy - changed into Passion of Sexual…

twin flame - A Twin Flame experiences a strong spiritual attraction. Twin Flames have a main purpose of assisting humanity shift their consciousness. Twin Flames face many obstacles in their relationship to heal all their personal emotional baggage.

Twin Flames are not just meant to come together physically now, but are meant to reunite fully embodying their Divine God/Goddess Self, fully merged together in Sacred Devotional Marriage.  This is a beautiful merging of their consciousness, their bodies, their mind & their emotions with their God/Goddess Self, merging Heaven with Earth deeply.  This is a new reality already in the process of birthing onto the Earth plane in our present reality. With Love, Carolyn & Andy

feeling like i'm looking to APOLLO ♥ AURORA : The sun god Apollo and Aurora, goddess of the dawn, in this case appear to have been given the features of a young couple, perhaps at the time of their marriage. ::: Original, Artist : : Aurora by Megan Mars

“Let lovers be crazy, disgraceful, and wild—those who fret about such things aren’t in love.” —Rumi (Art by Dorina Costras) ..*

Signs of a twin flame union based on 20 years of experience of twin flames, Mel and Nicole of the Gold Ray Twin Flames

Twin flames

the ultimate state of love is freedom, absolute freedom. and any relationship that destroys freedom is not worthwhile. love is a sacred art. to be in love is to be in a holy relationship - Artist: Irina Karkabi