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a dog and cat are kissing each other with the caption, 2 corintians 13 11
It's so adorable!!!!!!!!!!
a pencil drawing of two people standing next to each other
the afterlife
a pair of idiots: me and my best friend Christian in a drawing by someone else XD
a drawing of a raccoon wearing a sweater and holding something in his hands
Miscellaneous Drawings of Animals from "Where Are my Animal Friends?" - Sad Racoon - Study
two young women sitting next to each other
Cousins are the best of friends; pencil drawing by Emma Lane
two women with glasses on their faces
Best friend drawing
two girls with long hair standing next to each other in front of a wooden wall
gonna take a pic like this one day
two women in sweaters are facing each other with the words, we love the same thing but each different ways
Besties discovered by Alejandra Posas on We Heart It
two girls with glasses are standing next to each other