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Water, itself a scarce and shrinking resource, requires electricity to generate and pump. Water delivered at your tap has a carbon footprint. Don't waste it!  "Save Water, It doesn't grow on trees..." - poster by Amit Rajak.

Air land water pollution essay for students Soil Pollution Essay for Students and Kids. Soil pollution is also called land pollution. Hence its problems are different from that of water and air pollution.

Choose the best workout shoe for you! Believe it or not, there is a shoe for every workout--and a reason for it. Ill-fitting shoes can cause all kinds of foot and joint problems. Stop any fitness issues before they start--with the proper shoe.

United Nations - Campaigns in Action ! UNRIC Projects

Rather than photographic, this illustration shows a hand reaching to pick something small whilst forming a water droplet. A very clear exemplary method of illustrating a strong point for ''saving water''

Every one need to share water. Water is life and we must share it to everyone. You can see that many animals are sharing water and yet not each one of them have not murder one another.