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Why We Love It: We heart this cute photo idea!Why You Love It: "He made a heart with his hands, cute!" —Romina H. "So sweet" —Rochel L.Photo Credit: Ashfall Mixed Media, Inc. Tap the link now to find the hottest products to take better photos!

Свадебная фотосессия в спб Рома и Вера

Свадебная фотосессия в спб Рома и Вера

Красивый свадебный декор, идеи, вдохновение. Свадебная флористика. Утро невесты. Букет невесты. Образ невесты и жениха. Свадебный букет. Сборы невесты. Невеста. Жених. Beautiful wedding decorations, ideas, inspiration! Wedding floristry. Morning of the bride. Bridal bouquet. The image of the bride and groom. Bridal bouquet. Charges bride. Wedding celebration. Wedding ceremony. Wedding floristry. Wedding ideas. Wedding inspiration. Wedding decoration of guest tables. Decor newlyweds

Once I used to think marriage is forever, now realized it doesn't have to be forever. changing a different husband every single phase of your life sounds great to me.

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