Anide Saghy

Anide Saghy

"Vannak dolgok, amiket sosem felejt el az ember. Kezdek ráébredni, hogy ezek a dolgok - a zene, a holdfény vagy a csók -, amiket a gyakorlati életben az ember p
Anide Saghy
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15 Polka Dot Nail Designs #nailart - Go to or #beautyapp for beauty inspiration!

Hey my dear ladies. For today I have made you a wonderful collection of 15 polka dot nail designs to inspire you and to awake you creativity. Are you excited?

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The pale pink french with moon stripes and rhinestones looks very stylish. Such a light dairy design suitable for young brides, fashionable ladies of all a


There are some awesome nail arts introduced in today’s post. From vivid colours to darkish colours, you’ll find many a classy nail designs to rock on a regular basis.