Basten II

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a girl with reindeer antlers on her head is holding up two printable templates
Make a Reindeer Headband Craft with this Fun Printable Template
the chunk knit tin can upcycle is shown with instructions for how to make it
42 Dicas Casa com cara de Casa
a small pink house sitting on top of a table next to a green plant and white wall
the pencils are in a knitted cup with crochet designs on it
two baskets with cats made out of rope and colored pencils in the shape of eyes
a person holding a can of soda in front of a blue sign that says, coloque uma lata de refrigerante vazna
Spielerisch leicht die Farbe von Dosen entfernen und daraus etwas Tolles basteln.
Stelle eine leere Cola-Dose in den Topf und lass sie 20 Minuten kochen. Das Resultat ist ein Traum für Bastler.