Laura callaghan #woman #illustration #color I like the overload of information and the work of color

lauracallaghanillustration: ‘I tried it once. It wasn’t for me’ – a new character study that gave me a headache.

Laura Callaghan

Today's 'objet d'heart' is the illustrated work of Irish artist Laura Callaghan. Color-rich, fashion-filled, sometimes spooky, and always slightly mischievous, these are illustrations that will tease your imagination and delight your design eye.

Pick Me Up 2015 - Laura Callaghan Illustration

Laura Callaghan Illustration One of the paintings I produced for Pick Me Up - this one is called ‘Disconnect’. I made nine new pieces based on the nine circles of hell referenced in Dante’s Inferno, this one is is based on Heresy ♆

MTV Horoscopes - Laura Callaghan Illustration

Irish illustrator Laura Callaghan is based in London and doing her works as hand drawn using a mixture of watercolour, indian ink and isograph pen.

Laura Callaghan

Laura Callaghan's Intricate Illustrations of Cool, Bookish Girls

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