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Prepd Pack - The lunchbox reimagined. d'autres gadgets ici :

Forget the plain old brown paper bag. Bring a healthy and mouth watering home prepared lunch to work or school in style is with the Prepd Pack Lunchbox.

Sziasztok! A sztori főszereplője Stiles Johnson. New Yorkban él az ap… #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Wolves and vamps (Farkasok és vámpírok)

Lestrade is the best. <--- Haha agreed, but can we also talk about how Sherlock is practically catatonic until Lestrade starts yelling and then jumps three feet in the air like he's been electrocuted?

"My love for Greg knows no bounds." <-Could not be more true <- this scene was almost better than the actual scene with John and Sherlock drunk simply because Greg found everything so amusing XD