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♥ Chefren & Cheope, Expression Photography

Ancient Egypt ‬‏Aerial view of the Chephren (Khafre) & Cheops (Khufu) pyramids, Giza Plateau, Egypt. Look closely and you will see the Subterranean Boat Pit enclosure which houses Khufu's Solar Boat.

Dendera Travel Packages; Goddess Hathor temple in Qina, Egypt. #Egypt #Nile #Cruises #Tours #Trips

Hathor temple in Qina/Egypt - the guards at these sites want to be paid if you take a photo with them in it. This temple is beautiful!


ever since I can remember, I've loved Egypt + the culture . grade I did a huge research project on their architecture and hieroglyphics . so intriguing to this day for me Egypt

Temple of god Khenoum  - Egypt

Temple of god Khenoum -Esna -Egypt -These columns are quite different from Ancient Greek and Roman Columns. These columns have a smoother body to them and head is reminiscent of the Lotus Flower.