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White Russian Poncho Free Crochet Pattern

White Russian Poncho Free Crochet Pattern

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barbara speer - Ballonkleid gekochte Wolle alpaka - Winter 2015 I know I know, but I like that grunge look!

dimiceli graziella - Google+

Black Friesian horse running on the beach - Portfolio Paardenfoto's « Hypo Focus Paardenfotografie. Something about pure black horses.

.Nightmare?  ask dime and penny?  what type of fucken idiot opens new bank system and does it all himself?  i looked at woodrow wilson?  said i like woodrow wilson!  said ohh no am not going bankrupt and in jail if this doesnt work out!  these idiots i know will try make it work if going bankrupt!  how the FEDERAL RESERVE WAS BORN!  LAUGHING RED!  GOODNIGHT!

Black and white silhouette portrait of the foggy evening lightened by the full moon's white Moonglow. Isn't it amazing how bright it looks through the fog on the water? Makes me think of what hope might look like.