Ahaha!! Watch it!!! XD

An autograph perhaps? Oh…

ain't that the truth xD watch the whole thing :) For those who don't know, if you write someone's name in the Death Note, they'll die in the next second.

Up to bottom: MM!, Toradora, Zero no tsukima, Clannad, and Attack on titan

, Toradora, Zero no tsukima, Clannad, and Attack on titan. Tsunderes strike again.

nnkw777: [KING]

Porque todos guardamos un alma guerrera. this artwork is very creative because it show a little tough girl who has a crown on her head and has a lion in her shadow, showing that she is king

Japan’s awesomeness -- clearly the place is magical

Japan’s awesomeness

People Ask Me Why I Love Japan - This Is My Answer. I love this country and the people. Tokyo is the most amazing city I have ever known.

Yeah :/ I guess that's why some of us hold anime so dear... because it's the one thing that won't leave you hahah n.n

everyday people dont get it think its stupid, nerdy, whatever. but they dont get that is the only thing that keeps me sane it makes me laugh it makes me cry and it really, really inspires me. so stop judging i love anime and manga nothing is ever gonna ch

Paper child manga!!

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Yup, that's about right

Me girl the monster the guy who hates anime in my class basically all guys in my class