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Use golf tees to anchor balloons in the ground.  Line a walkway or driveway for a party.

Party entrance Idea- use golf tees to keep in ground. Cut strings to length & attach to golf tee's ahead of time, then attach the balloons that day. What a great idea! Could use to enclose an area for party privacy :)

Honestly, i'd like to think i'd be divergent, but in all seriousness i'd probs be amity. Or factionless. Maybe factionless.

Guyysss I saw Divergent today. I LOVED the book so I was like.the movie is going to be good too! But thats never true. The movie was decent. But the book is always better (:

loving this quote

"I'm the hero of this story." I would get this, most def. It sort of resembles my battle through depression, and how I was the hero, I saved myself. "Be the hero of your story" ~Big Fish The Musical