Annalisa Planera

Annalisa Planera

Annalisa Planera
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Nuda Veritas, Gustav Klimt Caption reads: Truth is fire and speaking the truth means shining and burning.

Drawing for Two Emblems for Ver Sacrum (Nuda Veritas) 1898 as published in Ver Sacrum Gustav Klimt: Art Nouveau Visionary by Eva di Stefano

Art Nouveau flowers. - Some of these are perfect for my planned spine piece.

Art Nouveau flowers - that middle one with the three blooms would actually look so pretty and dainty as a tiny under bust tattoo! Without the long stem of course.

Christopher Dresser

something about the way this design flows is absolutely stunning to me. I may be asking for too many elements to acheive the simple beauty in this but to me this has the deco nouveau blend.

Aubrey Beardsley

Aubrey Beardsley- Art Noveau Artist Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His drawings in black ink, influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts, emphasized the grotesque, the decadent, and the erotic.