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I got: Nature Powers! What's Your Secret Power?

Nature <<< I have nature powers! It says I'm the insightful one, always questioning and exploring things. I'm very kind to everything around me, and I'm curious. That's pretty darn accurate!

Expecto Patronum!

You are fearless but have a great capacity to love (which is your greatest asset). You find peace among your friends. Your patronus takes the form of a stag. In other words, you are the chosen one! What's Your Patronus?

I got: You got, Severus Snape!! Which 'Harry Potter' Villain Are You?

No idea really where to put this, about what it's like to be a teacher. But I'm pinning just for this picture of Snape. << Pinning this because I'm a grad assistant, and this does apply to me as well. Plus bonus sassy Alan Rickman gif.

COOL House Plan ID: chp-46185 | Total Living Area: 1260 SQ FT, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. #bestselling

Add: 3 car attached garage, move furnace etc there and use that space as pantry. Add: to width, makes room for bigger rooms, can add walk in shower to master.