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a chandelier with deer heads and glasses on it
Want, Need, Love
Weird but cool!!!!
a wooden chair with black and white patterned upholstered seat
I love the art deco style. It is the ultimate in early 30's design that looks very modern even today!
a black and white photo of some metal tiles
241.89US $ |stainless steel tile backsplash silver metallic mosaics kitchen back splash tiles SZH101HX cheap metal bathroom 3d floor mirror|tile information|tiling mosaic tilestile adhesive - AliExpress
Mosaic tile mirror sheets brushed stainless steel tile supplies deco mesh kitchen backsplash floors bathroom shower design art-in Mosaics fr...
black glass mosaic tile with diamond cut holes in the center, and one side is shown
169.58US $ |Black Wall Stickers Mosaic Tile Backsplash Kitchen Diamon Glass Metal Blend Backsplash Art Crystal Glass Tiles Design Deco Mesh - Mosaics - AliExpress
black metallic mosaic tile backsplash kitchen diamon glass metal blend frosted surface art crystal glass tiles design deco mesh $232.98
a light fixture hanging from the ceiling in a room with glass panels on it's sides
vitruvius | projetos 123.01 Restauro
Detalhe de um dos adornos luminosos situados na fachada principal, ornamentando a porta principalFoto Georges de Kinder [Ma² - Metzger and Partners Architecture]
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a dark room
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Art Deco Lighting at the Hawksmoor, Air St, London W1
a mirror that is on top of a white wall and has silver trimmings
Incoporate aspects of Art Deco design with accessories such as a mirror with precise lines.
a bathroom with two sinks and mirrors in it
Simple Everyday Glamour
deco / chinoiserie feel. i could live without those basins but some cool details here.
an origami sculpture is hanging from the ceiling in front of a black background
Other Home Décor Items for Sale - eBay
Art Deco Wall Corner trim - great idea to layer wood trim pieces just in the corner. I would use rounded pieces & add a few rosettes etc...